Thursday, March 13, 2014

7DRL 2014 day 6: Rise of the robots

So, today I worked on a bunch of little issues that I'd noticed throughout the week - bugs, minor features, and the like. Here's a quick overview:

  • Fixed a bug where enemy build rate was dependent, for some reason, on the player ship's speed. Meaning that the faster your ship gets, the faster the enemy shipyards build!
  • Changed the .NET runtime version of the game from 4.5 to 4.0, so it will run on Windows XP without using Mono.
  • Enemies are now more intelligent - they will attempt to stay at a range where they can hurt you, but you can't hurt them. Or, failing that, they'll flee (if their weapons are destroyed) or close to the range of their shortest ranged weapon (if they don't outrange you).
  • My favorite feature so far - now there are range indicators on the map for player and enemy weapons! No longer do you have to guess who's in range of whom!
  • The galaxy map now shows indicators for interesting stationary objects, such as allied colonies and enemy shipyards.
  • To go along with the weapon range indicators, there's also a range indicator for your scanners, so you can tell which enemies you can click to scan.
  • Sectors that have been swept with sensors are now shown as dark gray dots, making it easy to see where you've checked for cloaked shipyards and where you still have to check.
  • Most everything in the game has some sort of tooltip now. GameHunter won't be confused when he tries to play this 7DRL!
  • Crew and thrust counters are highlighted in red if losing another crew quarters or engine would cripple your ship. Remember to have backups!
Tomorrow, a manual and final release! But for now, a screenshot of the sweet looking range indicators:

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