Wednesday, February 26, 2014

7DRL 2014 plans

I figured it would probably be a good idea to set goals for myself for this year's 7DRL challenge, like I did last year, so here goes:

Day 1: Map generation. This involves creating a network of linked star system maps ("rooms"), connected by warp points ("doors"). They'll probably be laid out on a grid to simplify map generation code, and so I don't have to swipe code from FrEee to do that. And of course, the stereotypical @-ship running around on the galaxy-map!

Day 2: Enemies and combat! This means enemy shipyards (which will start off as visible, until I implement tachyon sensors) that spawn enemy ships. Combat will be simplified, since I won't have ship components yet.

Day 3: Ship components. For both the player and enemies! Will be defined in JSON files for easy moddability. Won't have generic "abilities" like in SE4; that's too much work for a 7DRL. Instead, each component will have a single function, and each JSON file will contain only components of a single function (e.g. weapons.json or engines.json). Not all components will be defined yet; only a basic subset of them as a proof of concept.

Day 4: Shopping shopping shopping shopping! Killing enemies should give the player minerals, as should discovering allied colonies. Allied colonies should also allow refitting of your ship using some sort of shop interface.

Day 5: More components! Just filling out the data files here with more components to make the game interesting, now that we have shopping. This is when the enemy shipyards become cloaked, since now you can buy tachyon sensors.

Day 6: Testing & bugfixes. Let's make sure the game is winnable, and it doesn't crash (very much)!

Day 7: Extra day planned into the schedule in case I'm not up to working on the game some other day!

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