Tuesday, March 11, 2014

7DRL 2014 day 4 - Buy somethin', will ya?

Today's task was much easier than I'd anticipated. I generally don't care much for UI work because it involves lots of fiddly data binding, but most of the UI work I did today for the shop screen, I was able to copy over from yesterday's ship report. So I don't have a screenshot today, because it's not really all that interesting!

As for game mechanics, you get salvage equal to half the cost of any remaining components on destroyed enemy ships, and half the saved build rate of destroyed enemy shipyards. I might have to adjust this (or make the starting player ship weaker), though, if this makes the game too easy. You don't get free minerals when you discover an allied colony, but once you discover it, you can bump it at any time that there aren't enemies in the system to get free repairs and to buy new components. Don't worry, the game won't let you buy a component if it would make your ship go derelict due to lack of engines or crew!

Each colony has a random selection of 5 components that you can buy from it, with infinite stock of each. Of course, there are only 3 components defined in the data files so far, so all colonies sell the same things for now! But things will get interesting tomorrow once I start adding more components!

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