Sunday, March 10, 2013

7DRL 2013 day 2: Heroes on the move

Well, now I've got some heroes in the game, and you can move them around on the map. Since this is a tactical game, and it would be a pain to have to adjust your formation every time you want to fight monsters coming from a different direction, the game has two movement modes: normal and strafe. In normal mode (just pressing the arrows), the formation will automatically rotate to face the direction you pressed if you are not already facing that direction; if you are facing that direction it will just move there. (Note that rotation costs a turn - don't get flanked!) In strafe mode (shift-arrows), on the other hand, your formation does not try to rotate when it moves.

Here's what the game looks like thus far:

I also wanted to add the ability to rearrange your formation today, but I'm getting a bit sick of programming for now. Maybe I'll do that later this afternoon. I ran into a lot of issues with slow rendering; it turned out that just rendering a 100x100 map with each tile being a 3x3 grid of characters is actually pretty slow! So for now I'm just rendering stuff in line of sight. Eventually I'll have to add a proper fog of war, and find some other way to clip stuff that you've seen before but that's currently offscreen. Or I could just show the fogged-but-previously-seen tiles on the minimap, and not on the tactical map...

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