Thursday, March 14, 2013

7DRL 2013 day 6: Itemized Deductions

Today I implemented items for TriQuest. Since this is a 7DRL and I wanted to get things done quickly, though, I took a slightly unconventional approach to the inventory. Instead of being able to carry around duplicates of all your items, each item type just has a flag to say if the party has found it or not. If it's been found, you can equip it; otherwise, you can't until you find one. Also, consumables (health and mana potions) can't be stored; they're used immediately as soon as you step onto the tile containing them. If you want to save them, you'll have to avoid stepping on that tile until you need them!

That said, there are a few interesting inventory mechanics. For instance, there are two kinds of health and mana potions you can find. The "pack of small potions" restores the health or mana of all party members by 20 points, while the "large potion" restores the health or mana of the most injured or depleted party member by 60 points. Also, no item is designed to be superior to any other item; they all have their strengths and weaknesses. (Though I might want to increase the defense penalty on the warrior's heavy weapons since I bumped up the positive stats of just about everything during testing to make the midgame more survivable! And I still haven't found the final boss yet - I hope he's at least theoretically beatable, not to mention extant!)

Again, no screenshot today, because not much has changed visually - all you'd see different is maybe a blue % sign indicating a pack of small mana potions lying somewhere on the map!

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